The Resonator Pendant

 The unique and specially designed Resonator Pendant Necklace is your simple answer to a demanding and hectic routine. The pendant adds Chi/Prana to your personal field and as a result, you feel energized, balanced and focused. Upon receiving your necklace, immediately put it on and attune to its wonderful “vibe”.  Then, wear it every day as your personal shield to go out and tackle the world.

The secret to The Resonator Pendant is in the hologram and the caduceus coil. It is that simple. The Resonator Pendant will maintain it's positive charge indefinitely. Wear it every day for every occasion – work, errands, travel, meditation, yoga or just taking a walk.

Necklace should be removed when doing any kind of biofeedback testing, such as: muscle testing or kinesiology

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The Quantum Harmonizer

The Quantum Harmonizer Shielding Series is designed to protect your physical space and you from negative
and unbalanced energies. The shielding effects will protect your home, office, store or any area that has
electricity. Add protection, clarity, and harmony to any area you spend time in.
The Quantum Harmonizer’s hologram contains countless frequencies designed to protect and enhance your
overall state of being. The frequencies contained in the Harmonizing Shield use the power-field created by the wires running through the electrical wiring to help harmonize and protect you and your space. It has been
designed to help you grow to your fullest potential as well as clear your space of unwanted energetic debris.
Clear out the energies from previous tenants or owners of your home. Improve the energy with your neighbors, coworkers or customers. Clear various distortions that make your living or workspace less than harmonious and add clarity to you and your space! The Harmonizer goes on the electrical panel of your home, office or store. Simply stick the shielding device to the outside of the box (or inside as needed) and the device will do the rest.

• Installation is safe and simple
• Placement is easy
• There is no connection to the electricity
• Nothing needs to be done once the device is in place
• Device can easily be removed if you move to a new space
• Power-cord option if you do not have an electrical panel

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