The Resonator Pendants are all handcrafted and imprinted by Healer Allen.  The pendant will quickly attune to you/your energy, once this occurs, it is yours and to be worn only by you.  The pendant creates an aura of Qi (Chi) energy that "resonates" with your personal energy field.  It clears imbalances, protects and creates an improved sense of well-being.  Simply wear it every day over the thymus or heart center area.  The Resonator Pendants will not build up a negative charge - they are "self-cleaning".

The Quantum Harmonizer and The QH Kit are uniquely created and also imprinted by Healer Allen.  Items are designed to protect your physical space and you from negative and unbalanced energies.  The shielding effects will protect your home, office, store or any area that has electricity.  Add protection, clarity, and harmony wherever you spend time!

The Quantum Harmonizer’s hologram contains countless frequencies designed to protect and enhance your overall state of being.  The frequencies contained in the Harmonizing Shield use the power-field created by the wires running through the electrical wiring to help harmonize and protect you and your space.  It has been designed to help you grow to your fullest potential as well as clear your space of unwanted energetic debris.

Clear out the energies from previous tenants or owners of your home. Improve the energy with your neighbors, coworkers or customers.  Clear various distortions that make your living or work-space less than harmonious and add clarity to you and your space!  Installation is quick and easy.

Jewelry is handmade by Nancy using quality gemstones and materials to create stylish looks at a reasonable price. Natural change in color may occur to pendant and/or necklace fittings.  Depending on wear and age of necklace, a polishing cloth will typically brighten it.

The Empowerment Book Series written by Healer Allen are a guide to awakening.  Embrace your true self to obtain clarity, harmony and empowerment.  The books are written in a manner so they are easy to follow as well as have a chuckle or two.

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